"I of myself can do nothing."

Dear friends,

Never abandon your common sense until a new common sense has replaced it. Likewise, never override your innate integrity - no matter how ignorantly it might be presently defined by you - until the definition has been regenerated, redeemed, through revelation.

What this means is that you must simultaneously honor your common sense and your integrity fully - being willing to stand upon them firmly, resolutely, unapologetically - while dishonoring them enough to allow regeneration to occur.

I will put it another way: To become an accomplished pianist, you must practice. This means that you must engage in playing the piano - firmly, resolutely and unapologetically, with whatever degree of skill you currently have - while being attentive to playing better.

On your way Home, honor yourself every step of the way, without indulging in self-satisfaction. Where you are in your journey is valid, but since it is not the destination, you must be willing to abandon it in order to move forward.

This is the meaning of, "I of myself can do nothing," and "Thy will, not mine be done." Rather than dishonoring, insulting or invalidating you, these statements, embodied, give you practice at yielding to regeneration, redemption - Awakening.

Kingston, Washington
January 13, 2002