"Thy will be done."

Dear friends,

It cannot be said too often that Reality, the Kingdom of Heaven, is the only thing confronting you, no matter how you are perceiving It.

What is the specific trigger to misperception? A single mad idea: "I have a mind of my own, independent of the Mind of God." Which generates a single thought: "I'd rather see it my way." Which generates a single inevitable, unexpected experience: "I am alone and vulnerable." Which generates a single unavoidable conclusion: "Life is polarized, and my function is defense."

Thus is formed a purely imaginary sense of self, called "ego" - the function of which is to survive and overcome the polarities it is projecting upon Reality, while remaining unconscious of the fact that they are the self-induced illusions of a nonexistent mind.

Awakening is the simple reversal of the one original mad idea.

Kingston, Washington
February 11, 2002