An Easter Message

On this day, I bring you confirmation of my love for you -- not ringing down through the centuries in the remembrance of a single transforming event, but as a current demonstration that I am always with you.

Let gladness and joy flow from you because our relationship is real, right now -- alive and well

In every moment, I am with you. Nothing about you escapes my attention, no matter how great your darkness and fear, your grief or suffering. My recognition of your purity and innocence embraces you, no matter how you see yourself, and patiently awaits your willingness to see yourself with me and with my sight.

Rejoice today -- not that you have a distant sign to give you hope on a weary journey Home, but rather that the journey is already over, awaiting your notice.

This day memorializes the demonstration of three things:

That Life is deathless, . .

. . . that Love is the master of hate, . .

. . . and that what you call "time" is Eternity -- misperceived but not altered by your misperception.

You think that God entered "the human condition" and walked with man, when just the reverse is true. Man found himself walking with God. Catch the vision of this fact! Even now, you are walking with God in the Kingdom of Heaven -- already Home.

Eternity, Reality, did not imprint Itself on time by virtue of my birth, crucifixion and resurrection, but demonstrated that right where you experience time, Eternity/Reality is awaiting your recognition of It. Man's experience of me was not a result of my coming where man was, but of sleeping Christs, with fluttering eyelids, seeing their Brother in the Kingdom of Heaven from the Kingdom of Heaven, in spite of the persistent belief that they were still in "the human condition" somewhere else.

Rejoice today because there is nothing to overcome. Now are we the Sons and Daughters of God. Release your commitment to contrary imaginings and open your eyes!

Kingston, Washington
April 20, 2003