Expect A Miracle

Transformation, regeneration and redemption are perhaps the three most important words in your vocabulary. Without them, there is no healing. They must be the backdrop, the context in which you consciously embrace every event of your day. They are the keys, which will free you from the inertia of your immobilizing belief in sin, disease and death.

Transformation, regeneration and redemption are never representative of the laws of physics, but the laws of God, which have ascendancy over sin, disease and death because the former are real and the latter are not. When you find yourself in bondage, suffering, you have forgotten this and made commitment to a depressing faith in faithlessness, which anchors you in determined denial of your birthright to be free.

Engage these three words, that their meaning, and What they represent, may undermine your faithlessness, reminding you that although you see what you believe, you don't have to believe what you believe. And as your faith in faithlessness dissolves, belief will yield to Truth -- a sudden shift of perception will occur -- and healing will be yours.

Kingston, Washington
May 4, 2003