Getting Started


Here you will find helpful answers to common questions you might have.

How do I download the audio files to my machine?

Note: These are the instructions for downloading the Raj MP3's to your machine using the Microsoft Windows operating system and the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser.

To begin, locate the file you are going to download. Click on the file of choice. You will be presented with a "download starting" dialog.  Shortly thereafter, you'll be asked weather to

  1. "Save this file to disk" or
  2. "Open this file from its current location"

You should choose “Save this file to disk” so that you will be able to listen to the file any time you wish to without having to download it again.

If the "File Download" dialog does not open, and the file starts to download immediately, you should cancel the transfer and follow these steps to download the file and save it to disk.

On the download starting window, there will be instructions on how to download the file to your machine.  Basically it says to right-click on a link and choose “Save Target As…” from the popup menu. This will bring up a "Save As" dialog for you to choose the location of where to save your file to. Choose “My Documents”. This is not a required place to put them, but you’ll be able to find them easily later. Then hit the “Save” button.

After the file has successfully downloaded, you might be presented with a “Download complete” dialog. At this time you could choose to “Open” the file, “Open Folder” where the file now resides, or “Close” to close the "Download Complete" dialog. Select “Open”. If it doesn’t open the file in an MP3 program and start playing it immediately, you’ll need to download an MP3 player. Follow the instructions above for installing a player on your machine. Once it has installed correctly, click the “Start” button at the bottom of the screen, select “Documents” then select “My Documents”. This should be the location where you saved the file above. Click on the MP3 you downloaded. This should open your player and start playing the file immediately.

I want to burn the audio I download to CD.  How do I do that?

You'll need to have a CD burner in your computer, as well as have software to create audio CD's.  With your favorite CD burning software open, create a new CD-Audio project and drag and drop your MP3's into it.  Then burn your CD and you're done.  It's that easy.

Some CD burning software requires the audio to be in WAV format. That means you'll need to convert it from an MP3 to WAV first, before you can burn.  To do this, I would suggest using Winamp. See the instructions above on getting Winamp installed on your machine.

With Winamp started, open the Winamp menu and select the "Options" menu item, then select the "Preferences..." menu item. This will bring up a "Winamp Preferences" window. Underneath the "Plug-ins" group item in the left pane, select the "Output" item. You'll see in the right hand pane that one of the plug-ins will be selected, either the "Nullsoft DirectSound plug-in v2.0 [out_ds.dll]" or the "Nullsoft waveOut plug-in v2.3 [out_wave.dll]". You'll want to select the "Nullsoft Disk Writer plug-in v1.0(x86) [out_disk.dll]"; before closing the window, you'll need to "Configure" the plug-in to tell it where to save your WAV files. (FYI, the Disk Writer plug-in will always convert the MP3 to a WAV file.) Configure the plug-in by clicking on the "Configure" button at the bottom of the right hand pane. This should bring up a "Select Directory" dialog box. Choose a folder on your hard drive that you want the plug-in to save the files out to and hit the "OK" button.

That's all you have to do to set Winamp up to save your MP3's out to WAV's. But you'll have to do one more thing!! Play your MP3 of choice using your newly configured Winamp!! When the MP3 starts playing you will not hear any sound. This is okay. The reason why is that Winamp is writing the MP3 out to disk instead of playing it to your speakers. You might also notice that the song is playing very quickly. This is okay. Winamp is saving your file to the disk drive "as fast as it can!".

When you are done converting your files out to WAV's, reconfigure Winamp (as detailed above) to use the "Nullsoft waveOut plug-in ...". You'll need to do this if you want to use Winamp to play any WAV's or MP3's back out to your speakers. Don't forget, converting MP3's to WAV's will take up a lot of space on your hard drive, so be sure to delete the WAV files after you have burned your CD.

After you have the audio in WAV format, use your favorite CD burning software to burn an "Audio" CD. Usually you'll just drag and drop the WAV files into the CDR software and burn. Good luck!