While many people seek a brighter smile
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Subject: While many people seek a brighter smile


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While many people seek a brighter smile, no one likes the sensitivity that often occurs following whitening treatments. That's why a recent finding by JADA is good news for SDI and for patients using Pola Office whitening.

Pola Office has the least sensitivity among other tooth whitening products, based on the recent JADA report with the study on "The effects of home-use and in-office bleaching treatments on calcium and phosphorus concentrations in tooth enamel." Eighty participants began the dental bleaching study, with 15 excluded because of extreme tooth sensitivity or an inability to attend all sessions of microbiopsy analyses. The study showed approximately 20-25% of participants experienced extreme tooth sensitivity and were eliminated from the study when using whitening products made by Ultradent, while SDI's Pola Office had only 1 patient (5%) eliminated from the study. fdidentist

"The result from this study is encouraging, it has reconfirmed the quality and user friendliness of our tooth whitening product," said Laura Woodruff, Sales Manager of SDI North America Inc. "Pola Office continues to be welcomed by dentists as one of the most popular tooth whitening products with minimal sensitivity," said Samantha Cheetham, Vice President, Sales & Marketing.
Pola Office is part of a comprehensive whitening line. In addition to Pola Office, SDI offers Pola Day, a hydrogen peroxide tray whitening treatment; Pola Night, a carbamide peroxide tray whitening treatment; Pola Day CP, a super fast take-home tooth whitening system; and Soothe, a desensitizing gel. Pola Office is available in 1 or 3 patient kits.
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