A message for the New Year!
Posted 2021-01-05 8:08 AM (#243277)
Subject: A message for the New Year!


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Dear friends,

Today is a new day. Never before have so many Sons and Daughters participated in a renewed clarity of their desire for peace. This is a year as none before. A threshold has been crossed. Each present moment is being held in the light of our awakened Brothers as a doorway away from the mutual agreements of the veil of sorrow. This doorway is the holy instant that invites the reunion of God and his Son – the true relationship called the Brotherhood.

We say together “we are one with you Father and You with Us.” This holy instant is the place of unlimited vision – unlimited possibilities. We are here because the way became too laborious to travel without our wayshower in time and space. Hidden in plain sight is the place which exists forever. This holy instant is the place where you will find Me. This place was made for the communication with God.

As forgiveness lifts the veil of sorrow, we see the Brotherhood as many diamonds forged in the intense passion of God’s love for his Sons and Daughters. In this holy instant we can be nothing more than the Truth. “I am as God created me.” This is indeed a holy moment.

– Rajpur

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