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The Antidote to Brotherhood?
March 24th, 2021
Where is your faith? Where is your trust? What are you willing to commit to and stand up for? What governs your behavior? Is it what your brother thinks? The expectations others have? Your word? Their word? God’s Word?

The answers to these questions govern your experience—govern it absolutely—and because you don’t know yourself well enough, you will point your finger “out there” instead of placing the palm of your hand on your breast, claiming the authorizations as your own, and being instantly released, yourself, because you do Know, from a place prior to your exercise of imagination, that if you did not make it, you cannot break it . . . nor can anyone else!

Realization reveals the unalterable Reality of the Allness of God and His Presence as You, and your perspective is healed! Your Innocence melts the unfounded fear, you soften and relax, tangibly, feeling loved by your very Being—the Father’s Presence as You.

Whether you have acknowledged it or not, you have absolute authority . . . and always have. It governs everything and nothing . . . in this sense: It determines how you perceive what you’re seeing, but not what you see. It absolutely governs whether you’re saying “yes” to God by Listening, or ”no” to God by coming to conclusions on your own, before what He is being there as You has registered with you as You, revealing nothing else is there!

Again, you see Creation “as It is,” or “misperceive It” without altering It in any way. In either case, all you are determining is whether what you see is truth or is illusion, without for a moment altering what It actually is—without creating an illusion—and this is important! This realization is the crux—the turning point—of your Awakening. 

When you entertain a deliberately determined definition of Creation on your terms instead of letting It reveal Itself to you on Its terms, you fixate your attention on something which has no real presence or conscious capacity, apart from your imagination, with which to threaten, frighten, pacify or inspire you! And this realization is the simple, kind assurance of safety which you are Gifted with—as something already “built into” you, and already being the absence of anything which can disturb your peace—that it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you, and which you have not had to earn.

Feel for this instead of trying to understand it. Feel for the inseparability of That which loves you—God—and that which is being loved—You! Remember that you are not God, but God is all there is to You, and that God’s omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence are yours—not to be gained, but to stop being fought against, denied, in favor of the “thrill” of gaining it and proving your capacity and making God, your Father, proud of you.

His benediction, His acknowledgment, His Words which say, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased” were placed into the Cosmos, into Creation, long before you ever lifted a finger or made a sound—not because of anything you did, or ever would, but just because you are His Son. Before you could conceive yourself to be the Son of God, you were!And that was very pleasing . . . and still is, and evermore will be.

Your benediction on your Brother and your Sister, when you allow it to come forth, leaving reservations in the past, will be your pleasure as well as it will be their own, and walls will be forgotten in the love which has become more important than the separation and the independence which was thought to be the antidote to Brotherhood and all the messiness that It entailed.

There is no antidote to Brotherhood, for Brotherhood is harmony, and safety, and the absence of the complicatedness, the “hurt” of self defense where self-defense should never be—a grocery store, a border or a neighborhood. Indeed, It is the antidote! It is EMBRACE. It is that which puts defense, instead, upon that lonely road to emptiness, to nothingness.

A threshold is at hand, and it is so immediate that calls for walls and habits which oppose emerging Brotherhood, demand allegiance and commitment NOW, and those who are unwise are tempted to respond with lack of wisdom and renew the bondages to poverty and distance, resisting the involvement with one’s fellow man which will heal the world, give voice to Truth, restoring honor and respect and safety to those who would abandon hate and fear and find no further use for them.

But I love you, and I repeat . . .

Love one another.

Ask yourself again, “Where is your faith? Where is your trust? What are you willing to commit to and stand up for? What governs your behavior? Is it what other people think? The expectations others have? Your word? Their word? God’s Word? Transformation will not occur until you do!

“Thy will, not mine be done!”

Be still and ask! And Listen well. And then do what you hear! In spite of fears which rouse the voice of hate, give voice to Truth and dare to be unpopular until commitment and a chorus of the lack of fear uncovers That which love promotes and unity and peace and harmony bring laughter to the land, the heart of every man—of every single one, and everyone together—and everyone can fearlessly and joyfully walk through a grocery store, or down a country road or join together in a theatre with no vestige of protection seen or needed.

Do not take the bait and greet your day with less than that which brings a smile to those who cross your path. Hate—better known as aggravated fear—is not what you are called upon to be prepared to counteract with less than what reduces fear. And if that call for love asks much too much of you, then you are wrong and must engage in the “impossible”. . . because it’s not!

Be clear as well that finding fault, and having explanations for the unexplainable—identifying who or what’s to blame—does not correct, does not transform, but uses “logic” and “intelligence” and “reason,” too, to thwart the inspiration which reveals the Truth that heals and buries It in ignorance, discouragement, delay, because the problem has been justified.

“This is the day the Lord hath made. Be glad, give thanks, rejoice.” Do not condone the hateful lovelessness which fear brings forth . . . and brings forth fear as well. But do not think that your response of righteous lovelessness is antidote, because it brings forth fear as well. The answer lies in saying “yes” to God. Today that is our task, because we are the Sons of God, and Daughters, too.

Be the love,
and not the fear
if you would have it
show up here.

Kingston, Washington
March 24th, 2021

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