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WE NEED OUR HELP! (And That’s Not A Typo)

On May 31st, 2013, I shared the following, and I am going to share it once again for its simplicity. I encourage you to read every word with innocent eyes . . . an innocent mind, free of preconceptions as to what you think they are saying. I invite you to read them as reminders of the fundamental perspective of brotherly love which is the bringer of peace, the infusion of Wholeness, and the experience of a sound mind—yours!


“Dear friends,

Your help is needed, and it always will be, because it is the only way in which this work can be shared without the exercise of control entering the picture and the loss of love which is inseparable from the transactional environment of business.

“It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom,” and it is my Function to give, . . as it is yours.  Why?  Because we are the presence of Love (the Father) in expression.  There is no way the gift of my Love for you can be made if, in the making of the gift, it is somehow changed into a transaction, where the transfer of the gift is dependent upon something other than the uncontrolled flow of Love which is Love’s underlying and unique characteristic.

You might say that “the request for and the giving of support” is a disguised transaction, but a transaction, nevertheless.  This is nothing but sloppy thinking!  When you make a gift, it is absent of control in any form — if it is truly a gift.  When you support by making a contribution, you gift everyone who is looking for this material with immediate access to it.  You cannot determine who will or will not get it and be blessed by it.  Nor will anyone seeking it have to “qualify” to have it by being able to pay a purchase price.  Nor will you be able to imagine that your contribution has “purchased” you the materials you are enjoying, because you will never be confronted with not being able to have them if you can’t make a contribution!

It is absolutely essential for this to be understood.  Recognizing the necessity for it to be understood keeps the meaning and nature of Gift untarnished.  It disallows for Love to disappear into the background for lack of attention, because it keeps you conscious of the need for Love and engages you in the act of Love!  This is the light of the world.

Every time I extend an invitation for support, I am refreshing the meaning of Gift and illuminating you as the presence of Love — the Father expressed and expressing.  And I acknowledge with gratitude the support of all of you who dedicatedly join in keeping the Gift going.

Kingston, Washington
May 31st, 2013


That Gift—the Father’s Gift of His Son, begotten only of Him (unaltered by the subsequent mutual agreements or declarations of independence which have been called “the Fall&rdquo—provided the Example of what every one of Us Actually Is . . . right now. And to this day it continues to be my Purpose, my Function, to be the Example which can justify the sudden shift of perception which is the definition of “miracle” in A Course in Miracles. This is what Paul, Susan, Chris, Judy and all of you are joined in confirming, and it is what I refer to as “our work.” It starts with someone listening and hearing, learning and then doing—living out into expression, action. Not assertion, but embodiment of Meaning or Purpose.

Whether it is done awkwardly or excellently, whether one vacillates or not, there is one thing to learn: the inconsistency is one of perspective and nothing else, and there are only two—perception and misperception . . . seeing clearly or through a glass darkly . . . or . . . seeing a container as half empty or half full! 

In a concert last evening, which had an unusually small audience due to social distancing, the normal generation of pleasure provided by the performers fell somewhat flat because there were so few to enjoy it and so few to proliferate each other’s joy.

In spite of this, the artist was happy and proceeded to treat the audience as though it were a “great” audience which was enthusiastically receiving him, and he put on a great show, even though he could have been discouraged if he hadn’t known what his purpose was.

After the concert, Paul and I had a brief conversation which I want to share with everyone because of its pertinence to an aspect of Easter which might escape everyone’s attention.

I pointed out to him that our purpose is to encourage joy and, if nothing else, the ”half-full-glass” perspective which foreshadows and encourages the full-glass perspective, and that this is what is giving him difficulty right now, because he seems not to be met by proliferating joy. “Don’t worry about it,” I told him. ”When you run into ‘can’t,’ meet it with ‘can.’”

And he sighed.

To that, I said, “It may be difficult to take a deep breath, sigh, and really relax with that guidance, but it’s easier for you to be the Love difficultlythan it is to abandon being the Love, become depressed, and then teach depression. That is harder, yet! And although there is a sense of actual purpose, of real meaning to the feeling of ‘What’s the use? Nobody wants to be encouraged. Nobody wants to show up to be encouraged,’ it is a false sensation.”

Everyone who is discouraged wants to be encouraged and needs to have encouragement expressed in order to, if nothing else, just shift the perception from half-empty to half-full . . . even though, in so doing, there is no more there than there was before . . . just the removal of inhibiting pessimism.

He acknowledged that he understood that it was an absence of optimism . . . an optimism that he really would like to be feeling! To which I said, “Then, you are going to have to do it with me, because others are unable to do it with you at this time, even though they need you to be there to do it with, when they are finally ready.

I added that “even when they’re not ready, and they ‘crucify’ you in many little ways, they still need evidence in front of them that there is something there for them to be ready for, which they aren’t seeing yet.

“If they are around others who are seeing only half-empty glasses, they’re not going to be with anyone who has the capacity to inspire the half-full perspective. And if you’re there with the capacity to inspire, because you are looking at a half-full glass, even if you are doing it with difficulty, or without a great deal of inspiration, you are giving voice to the Voice for Truth. You are making it easier for your brother or your sister. And you are on Purpose.”

Again, he acknowledged that he could see that, but added, “I just wish it was with inspiration.”

You are going to have to BE the inspiration,” I said. ”You, because you have some willingness to see, do have available to you the perspective ‘you want to give because what you give, you get to keep,’ and when you are giving it on behalf of your brother and not on behalf of yourself, you will have it.

And here is the actuality of Easter that might go overlooked: “Yes, it may feel like carrying a cross, and you could say “carrying a cross” is a struggle. In other words, carrying the weight of your brother’s ‘half-empty-glass-perspective’ in order to be that which facilitates the transition to the half-full perspective, even though progress isn’t actually made, is a worthy task, and it CAN be done without complaint and without suffering, unless you think you ought to be able to have the reward before you do anything. 

“Not only CAN it be done, you MUST do it because he needs your help, just as you need mine, and if you don’t make the gift, there is nothing to keep . . . and no Easter to trigger the Atonement.

“It’s hard to listen to learn. It does make you the brunt of other’s short-sightedness—not a victim, but the obvious place for those engrossed in the half-empty attitude or perspective, to aim their objections. You must understand . . . it’s part of the movement!

“After all, you’re not free of objecting, are you? . . . to me or to others? . . . when you begin to feel weighted down by the half-empty (sighs) perspective and emotion and all of the other “good stuff” that seems more real, grabs your attention more significantly than the little bit of inspiration does . . . which at least keeps you asking me . . . coming to me . . . wanting to know . . . confirming by your actions that you do Know there is something more to see than you’re presently seeing. 

You must persist. 
That’s all there is to it. 
That is the road.
That is the rugged way
which faces everyone
who listens for my voice
to find their own
and is our Function,
yours and mine
and everyone’s, together
which releases all of us

It’s not the “can” or “can’t,”
the “upper” or the “downer,”
the northerly or southerly,
but the “Easterly” on which
the Son of God arises,
on which we join together,
and . . .
today is the
remindful day
of that.

I love you.

Kingston, Washington
Easter Sunday
April 4th, 2021

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