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- (Added by: Paul Tuttle)

TODAY: Time; Phone &Zoom Info; Proposed agenda for: 44th session ACIM/Raj/Awakening/Together meeting
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William Daniels
Posted 2021-01-20 2:19 PM (#243685)
Subject: TODAY: Time; Phone &Zoom Info; Proposed agenda for: 44th session ACIM/Raj/Awakening/Together meeting

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PLEASE NOTE: If you participate, this is YOUR meeting, every bit as much as everyone else who participates! We want what YOU bring to EVERYONE'S Awakening!!!


44th session ACIM/Raj/Awakening/Together video meeting







We are following Raj's guidance to accept Awakening, together.


YOU are invited!!!


We sure would Love to have your participation!


I Love you,






Tonight: 7:00 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time) USA



Go online to: Zoom.us ........super easy to get started.


Or: Participate by phone (no video), call: 346-248-7799 or 669-900-9128.


Then: Join the meeting:


     Meeting ID: 872 9311 4948


     PASSWORD: 334068



I propose that we study and act on this post from Raj:

           (on the blog: https://nwffacim.wpcomstaging.com/)


Joy, Patience & Honesty

Posted on January 19, 2021 by Raj

Dear friends,

Paul wishes me to use those three words as the subject of this post, since today marks his first full week at home from the hospital and extended care facility. The three have embraced him equally . . . and often uncomfortably! During this time, everyone’s love and support, so wonderfully given, truly and very practically blessed both Paul and Susan, and both of them continue to extend their acknowledgment of it daily.

Today Paul was able to walk unassisted for the first time since returning home—a “red-letter day” to him. But the doctors are confining him to the house for another three weeks until they are willing to remove some additional plumbing which they installed.

This experience has confronted Paul with the call for an uncommon degree of honesty—a fact which he finds important for everyone to know about and wants me to share—and it is this confrontation which has been uncomfortable. He wants me to share it because he believes he is not the only one making the same mistake . . . a mistake which hinders—no, blocks—health and healing.

The mistake is this: His early spiritual training gave him the impression that “knowing the Truth” was about “position” rather than “grace,” that it was the ACT of knowing the Truth that made one free rather than that the Truth being experienced was the ABSENCE of error or anything for one to have authority over!

His self-righteousness—which is what he had to become truly honest with himself about—came out as anger over being faced with hospitalization and then incredible “improvement” from the day before, the day before, the week before and more weeks before, but no instantaneous healing for someone who is and has been devoted to Truth and “the miracle.” And then the epitome of arrogance—all of it was happening in a total lack of privacy: published on the Internet! In front of you and everyone

What he was forced to discover was how literal and absolute the platform is, the starting-point, the Alpha and Omega of existence: “Thy will, not mine be done.” What he was forced to discover was that four years of standing in awe of awful behavior and letting it elicit tension, fear and uninterrupted judgment—even though I was teaching the exact opposite out of his very own mouth—was destructive in its effect; that it did not demonstrate or illustrate, inspire or increase dignity, respectability integrity or heal.

He found that to let go of that which is an absolutely justifiable objection to that which is absolutely reprehensible, that to find his peace instead of “anger and proud alignment with that which he has determined to have true value,” to do that and then then NOT ABANDON IT . . . is the shift of perception called a “miracle,”

You will notice that after 40 days and nights in the desert, when evil confronted me, I didn’t engage with it. I directed it out of sight—another way of saying I withdrew my attention from it: “Get thee behind me, Satan.” It isn’t that I had authority over it. It’s that I didn’t waste my time or energy TRYING TO! Our DEFENSE against that which claims existence separate and apart from God gives it all the life it has—or SEEMS to have. And so—in the form of parody—just as “your attention is God’s treasure,” and for the same reason, you are evil’s greatest and only asset.

Learning this, changing your habit and using your mind in a new way is not always gracefully done . . . especially if you think that self-righteousness is providing you with a “position” of excellence for the purpose of accomplishing good. Paul has found these last nine weeks full of labor which he thought our relationship—especially one so intimate for so many years—should have relieved him of ever having. But rather than freeing him from the demand of “change”—of the “miracle”—it increased it. His “exercise of his righteousness”(rights) added even more fuel to the process, forcing him to bring a level of attention to and promoting the kind of honesty that renders sensibility to the statement, “Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.”

When it finally registers with you that knowing the Truth is what happens when you become still, you will let yourself become the place where God shines through and you will no longer introduce and reinforce a “characterization” of God.

This is not the last time we will speak of this learning, but we will stop for now. Paul is grateful to be sitting in a chair—a comfortable recliner—and looks forward to being able to negotiate a flight of stairs today to finally get a shower after nine weeks and get more thoroughly clean than sponge baths have allowed.

Today is also a day on which $2,000 worth of bills must be paid. And tomorrow there will be more, since the Foundation is significantly in arrears. In addition, Paul temporarily has new costs for medication and his cell phone, being six years old needs to be replaced because the newest software will not work on it. This is what the threshold of Wholeness looks like.

I am grateful to have Paul’s voice back, and he is grateful, at this very moment, for the experience of BEING BACK, even though it is 5 a.m. and we have been joined for a few hours in this endeavor. As recently as yesterday, we were not able to do it.

With love,

Kingston, Washington
January 19th, 2021

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....... and then continue with Selene’s suggestion:

Reviewing portions of the May 17,2015 ACIM Study Group with Raj: "The attraction of death."    (Thanks to Pamela Parnell  @ pamelaparnell.com)





May 17th 2015






Good evening.  And welcome to everyone who’s joining us on the Internet.


We are reading about the Obstacles to Peace.  And as I mentioned last week, with all of the specific details that are covered, it may sound like the subject is everything other than peace.  But the fact is, all of these relate to peace as being the primary state of Being through which and in which one Awakens—through which and in which the miracle occurs.


Now, as you will remember, the first obstacle was The Desire to Get Rid of It—meaning peace.  The second obstacle was The Belief the Body is Valuable for What It Offers.  And tonight we’re beginning with the third obstacle:


The Attraction of Death1


Now, there are four obstacles and they are presented in the order in which they are most easily undone.  And that’s the point!  That’s the reason for considering each of them—not so that you might be impressed with how horrible and insurmountable the obstacles are, but rather, that they are to be undone and how to undo them so that . . . what?  Peace returns as the foundation and the superstructure of your conscious experience of Being.


Now I’m going to back up to the beginning of the last paragraph we read last week.  It begins:


It is not given to the ego’s disciples to realize that they have dedicated THEMSELVES to death.


Wow . . .  it continues:


Freedom is offered them, but they have not accepted it, and what is offered must also be received, to be truly given.  For the Holy Spirit, too, is a communication medium, receiving from the Father and offering His messages unto the Son.  Like the ego, the Holy Spirit is both the sender and the receiver.  For what is sent through Him RETURNS to Him, seeking itself along the way, and finding what it seeks.  So does the ego find the death IT seeks, returning it to YOU.


Now it’s important, when you’re reading the Course, not to gloss quickly over the things hard to understand, or the things you don’t really want to consider, and get on to the more positive things.


And so, when this paragraph starts out by saying . . . 


It is not given to the ego’s disciples to realize that they have dedicated THEMSELVES to death, . .


. . . it’s like,  “[Groan] . . . that’s about all the further I want to go into that!” And then what the next sentence says:


Freedom is offered them, but they have not accepted it, . .


“Wow! Freedom has been offered!  I’m going to glom onto that.  I’m going to reach for that.  I’m going to give my attention to that, and I’m going to feel better than I was feeling when I read:


It is not given to the ego’s disciples to realize that they have dedicated THEMSELVES to death, . .


“I’m not going to dwell on that.”


Well, you’re going to have to dwell on it.  Because understanding what it means is essential to your being able to do . . . what?  Undo it.  Release it.  Become unbound by it!


So, pretty heavy-handed, I would say:  The ego’s disciples . . . 


. . . have dedicated THEMSELVES to death.


Well, let’s be grounded . . . let’s be practical . . . let’s be sober. 


Who of you has absolute confidence that you will not die?  How many of you have confidence that you will not die? 


How many of you feel, right now, that you are being, and it will be uninterrupted by death—no variation will occur [as] it has with almost everyone else except for the handful who have ascended or translated? 


If you know that you’re going to die, then you are one of the ego’s disciples who is dedicated to death!


What’s the saying?  “The only sure thing is death and taxes.”


So, you know what?  You’re already disciples of the ego.  And you are already dedicated to death because you’re absolutely sure that it’s going to happen to you.  Of course, there will be another lifetime where you will return to Heaven and your life will not have ended.  And so, therefore, you don’t mind being absolutely sure that you’re going to die out of this experience.


Man, that’s dedication!  That’s commitment!  You are bound with a certainty—the certainty of your inner decision about it.  So you’re already in it.  And you have just found a way to describe it so that it’s not as distressing as it might otherwise be.  You see?


One way or another it’s a certainty, and you have arrived at a certain amount of peace about it.  And that peace is false.  And that peace disallows for correction to occur.  It disallows for this obstacle to peace to be destroyed.  And yet that’s the call.


You are the holy Sons and Daughters of God, who, somewhere along the line, decided with another to pay more attention to your own thoughts than the Thoughts of God.  And so you forgot who you were and you forgot your function.


And now here you are living in an experience that is full of sin, sickness and death.  And you think it’s normal.  You think it’s the way God set it up.  And, as I’ve said, you’ve built a story around it—many stories around it—that make it a more comfortable experience.


This Course is not here to make you comfortable in an illusion until the illusion is over, because the illusion won’t be over until you abandon it!  And you won’t abandon it until you look squarely at it and see how you are engaging with it.  You see?


So don’t be afraid to look soberly at it. 


“Well,” someone says, “how come nobody else who is teaching the Course is saying this?  How come everyone else who studies the Course believes that death is inevitable?”  It doesn’t really matter.  What matters is that I am teaching that it is not inevitable and I am bringing out the ways in which the Course intends to undo the obstacle.  Why?  So that you shall never see death! 


“He that believeth on me shall never see death!”2


That’s my declaration.  That’s my promise.  That’s the simple truth.  Death is to be undone.  And the Course has no different purpose from that.  If death is not inevitable, then it means that sickness that leads to death is not inevitable.  And it means that sin—the attempt to do something that can’t be done with commitment—that is to be undone as well.


That means what?  A lot of things.  It means ever-present health.  It means no signs of aging.  More than that, as you engage in the holy instant and lean into the Father’s Perspective by asking of the Holy Spirit, “What is the truth here?” you set into motion your capacity to see the truth.  And by that I mean, in the transformation of your awareness as it is infilled with the inspired truth that the Holy Spirit provides, you will find what you would call physical evidence of correction of all that wasn’t real, all that were misperceptions—like aging. 


And so you would say you’re experiencing “youthing”—the return of better symmetry, more perfect form in outline and color.  You see?


You should be going through your day, every day, with an expectation of eternal Life showing up in practical language of perception, now . . . and not just reading the Course and glossing over the hard parts and getting to the sweet and beautiful parts that allow you some peace and comfort without correcting a darn thing!  You see?


The word, “correction” means something changes.  A call for correction is a call for a change. Where?  Right in the middle of your experience.  We could call it, “the human experience.”  But actually, it’s right in the middle of your divine experience and revealing, uncovering, the divinity of it more clearly to you in your conscious awareness.  This is what it’s about!


Now, beginning in this new sub-heading (The Attraction of Death):


To you, in whose special relationship the Holy Spirit entered, . .


. . . meaning, when in your relationship with your fellowman, you turned to the Holy Spirit to gather the facts instead of your memory and your mutual agreements, . .


To you, in whose special relationship the Holy Spirit entered, . .


. . . because you invited Him . . .


. . . it is given to release and be released from the dedication to death.


The holy instant genuinely and humbly practiced, is the threshold into the conscious experience of eternal Life—yours, NOW . . . not after you pass on.


For it was offered you, and you ACCEPTED.


And that’s the key.  You ACCEPTED.  The moment you turn to the Holy Spirit or the Father, or your Guide, or me, and you ask to know the truth, the truth will be provided if your desire is humble and genuine.  And because . . .


. . . it was offered you, and you ACCEPTED [it] . . .


. . . the miracle occurs.  And the miracle embraces you and your Brother or Sister always.  It is never private—exclusively yours.  NEVER! 


Yet, . .


. . . in spite of the fact that . . .


it’s been given and received, you must learn still more about this strange devotion, for it contains the third of the obstacles which peace must flow across.


Notice that.  Peace flows across these obstacles like water.  It doesn’t fight with them, it doesn’t engage with them.  It floats over them.


No-one can die unless he chooses death.


Now mind you, I know!  You say you’re not choosing death.  You’re choosing life every day.  You go around with a positive attitude every day.  You engage in good deeds every day.  You engage in helping.  You’re not choosing death.  If you’re a teenager, if you’re in your twenties, if you’re in your thirties, the feeling is that the sky is the limit and nothing holds you back.  You’re not afraid of death. 


Nevertheless, you went to your grandmother’s funeral a few months ago.  You’ve noticed the obituaries.  You watch the news.  You see that people are dying.  It isn’t occupying your mind—you have a very positive attitude.  But nevertheless, you have embodied, we’ll say, the very definite belief that your life is a life span with a beginning and an end.  You believe that.  You’re just not concerned about it yet.


Your belief in it though, is your devotion to it.


So, when it says . . .


No-one can die unless he chooses death . . .


. . . it means exactly that.  And here’s the key:  If you are not choosing to engage in the holy instant, if you are not choosing to engage in the two-step and to silence your thinking, and genuinely desire to know the truth of Something beyond your best capacities to think . . . if you’re not doing that, you are caught.  You are devoted to death and death will happen because you’re choosing it.


There’s only one way to un-choose it, and that is to abandon the independence.  Abandon your “right” to think for yourself, and partner once again with the Holy Spirit, with the Father, with your Guide.  Partner—consciously do everything in the awareness that you are not alone.  Partner by inquiring to know the more of what God is Being right there in your experience, than you’re presently experiencing.  You see?  That’s the only way to un-choose for death. 


What SEEMS to be the fear of death is really its ATTRACTION.


Not really so hard to grasp the meaning of. 


You see, because you believe that life has a beginning and an end, and you’re devoted to that, and you’re devoted to death, you are simultaneously voting for it and being afraid of it.  This is where a sober look is really important.


Everyone who insists upon being an independent thinker—a body with a brain that developed through evolutionary processes in a material world—that entity is a concept.  It is an interpretation placed upon the holy Son or Daughter of God and given preference to What lies underneath it. 


So, you’re put in this experience of a bind where you are confident there will be death and you are afraid of it at the same time.  You are attracted to death because you are attracted to being in a way that is pure illusion.  You are attracted to function as an independent physical entity which you are not.  But as long as you are unwilling to look any further than that, you will be bound to the experience of death.


Guilt, too, is feared and fearful. Yet it could have no hold at all except on those who are attracted to it and seek it out.


Well see, I know!  Nobody seeks it out.  Nobody thinks they do.  But the fact is that the moment you, as I’ve said before, got a divorce from your Father, two things immediately came into play that you weren’t expecting: fear and guilt.  And so, as long as you are seeking to be independent, you are attracted to and seek the experience of fear and guilt. 


You don’t think of it that way because you’re thinking about the fun and the exhilaration and the hit you will get from being independently intelligent, creative, and making someone out of yourself.  That’s what you’re thinking about—something that makes utterly no sense at all to a holy Son or Daughter of God who hasn’t said, “Father, I’d rather do it my way.  I’d rather see things my way.”  You see?


And so it is with death. Made by the ego, its dark shadow falls across all living things, because the ego is the "enemy" of life.


God is Life.  Life is what God is.  Life is an Absolute.  Life is unlimited because there is nothing present to be unlike it.  But when someone says, “I’d rather make up the rules,”  “I’d rather define what everything is,” “I’d rather make up the definition,” then you are separating yourself from Life. You are choosing to be different from your Source.  And different means, un-like.   The only way to be un-like Life is to be that which posits and demonstrates and manifests death.  That’s the bottom line. 


It doesn’t matter that it’s an illusion.  As long as one is engaged in an illusory sense of self, the illusion is going to seem quite real, and it is an unworthy experience for a holy Son or Daughter of God.  It is not the Birthright of a holy Son or Daughter of God—You.  Therefore, correction is called for:  the need to see death as an obstacle to peace, your peace—the place in you in which miracles occur, in which Awakening occurs.   


The act of independence, the cherishing of independence and the commitment to it is a commitment against All that Truly Is.


The thinking—the mindsets engaged in that—are what the word “ego” means.  You are not an ego, but you can imaginatively think that you are independent and that you can make up the meanings of everything.  And what happens is, you become a disciple of a “way” of thinking—of a perspective.  You see?  Not an actuality.  So correction is called for.  The obstacle is to be undone


Identifying with that which is the enemy of Life is the inevitable next step. 




Made by the ego, its dark shadow falls across all living things, . .


. . . at least as far as you can see, looking through the lens of independence that you’re looking through, . .


. . . because the ego is the "enemy" of life.


And yet a shadow cannot kill.


In other words, that which has no substance, but just an appearance cannot kill.  It cannot do anything.


What is a shadow to the living?


What is a misperception to a holy Son or Daughter of God?


They but walk past and it is gone. But what of those whose dedication it is NOT to live; . .


I know!  Nobody has a dedication not to live.  But now you know that if you’re operating independently, you are in the realm of what is not real, where death is inevitable because the state of mind is devoted to the opposite of what is Real.  It’s devoted to the opposite of Life, Truth and Love, therefore it’s opposing Life.  It’s affirming and constantly confirming death.


But what of those whose dedication it is NOT to live; the black-draped "sinners," the ego's mournful chorus, plodding so heavily away from life, dragging their chains and marching in the slow procession which honors their grim master, lord of death?


Well, gee whiz, who in the hell are these individuals that this is talking about?  My goodness!  Could it be you?  Could it be the one who isn’t expecting miracles?  Could it be the one who doesn’t think death can be avoided, or that death isn’t even real and therefore nothing associated with it is real either?


You all have mutual agreements and you stand together solidly.  That’s the “mournful chorus.”  “Oh, Joe has this terminal illness.  He only has six months to live.  Well, we can pray for him to have maximum comfort between now and then.  We can ask the Holy Spirit to help him.” 


[Chuckling]  But I’m not hearing anybody say, “Hey, let’s raise the dead,” or “let’s undo the death process, and let’s expect to see it here and now!” 


Now that’s the correction of the attraction to death and that’s the correction of death.  And here and now is when to be engaging in that correction . . . by what? . . abandoning your best judgments and everyone else’s best judgments and shutting up and saying, “Father,” or “Holy Spirit, what is the living truth here?  What is the truth that eradicates the obstacle?”


Touch any one of them . . .


. . . anyone with a “mournful chorus” . . .


 . . . with the gentle hands of forgiveness, and watch the chains fall away, along with yours.


That’s always the way it works:  “what you give, you get to keep,” what you extend, you end up embodying.  The question is:  where is the gift coming from?  What’s the source of the gift you’re giving . . . the ego or the Holy Spirit—your deranged mind that you seem to have imaginatively created, or that which is nothing but your right Mind, the Holy Spirit?


. . . watch the chains fall away, along with yours.




See him throw aside the black robe he was wearing to his funeral, and hear him laugh at death.


You see?  This is what the destruction of this obstacle to peace is going to look like here and now.



>>>>>>>>  THERE IS MORE. THERE IS NOT ENOUGH ROOM LEFT TO POST IT HERE ....and we won't get this far, today. 

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