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Sticky Conversations with a Bank Loan Officer

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Posted 2021-03-15 1:17 PM (#244624)
Subject: Conversations with a Bank Loan Officer


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The following are the three most recent email communications with a bank loan officer regarding the securing of a loan to repay the $500,000 which a Foundation benefactor did not require repayment of until now—12 years later. 

There are those who have expressed their distress over the inability to meet this need with ease, and dismay that there isn’t more support of the work we do which would make it easy. And Paul agrees with this—from this standpoint: that he is unequivocally in agreement with holding this benefactor in a state of balance, of financial equilibrium, free of distress in any form with regard to his extension of love.

Whether or not it should be easy involves a judgment which misses the point, misleads the attention and introduces guilt into the picture which arouses and justifies reaction.

It doesn’t matter what “should” be. It only matters “what is.” The truth of the matter is that the expression of Love implicitly includes whatever is necessary to its fulfillment. It does not implicitly hold the potential for “cost” and “grievance.”  Just as it is a fact that every desire includes within itself everything necessary to its fulfillment, every expression of Love includes within Itself everything necessary for Its fulfillment, thereby confirming the Wholeness of the “giver” and demonstrating that “to have, give.” It therefore should not be surprising that the making of a gift confirms the Wholeness of the “giver” rather than depleting him.

Without Wholeness, there can be nothing to give! And if there is something to give, and it’s given, then it is not arrogant or presumptive to settle for nothing less than Wholeness for the giver. It serves no purpose to justify and cannot be in harmony with the Purpose of Being, Itself.

To settle for nothing less than “no cost” sharing, “no cost” involvement with another, and putting oneself on the line for a brother because Love is reflected in love, not loss . . . to settle for nothing less than that is not an example or practice of arrogance, of control!” 

It is not the power of positive thinking! It is not a form of authority. It is neglecting to be fooled into forgetting that the extension of Love includes everything necessary for its fulfillment within itself, and “your” authority is not necessary! It means, “Get out of the way!” “Don’t obstruct the event of “Truth showing up!”

If you are the one who apparently is called upon to “make a Brother Whole,” extend your candle and light his with it! 

Don’t hand him yours!

By the same token, if you are called upon to make a Brother Whole and your candle isn’t lit, don’t be upset that your Brother’s need is exposing your inadequacy and uncovering the mistaken and misdirected reaction that “you can’t be obligated to do what you can’t do.” 

Take advantage of the holy instant. Turn, in the silence, to a Brother or the Holy Spirit, Whose candle is lit, and extend yours to His. Let Him light yours, and then you turn to your Brother and light his, and demonstrate that you can because “can” is the operative word if both desire and Love, within themselves, include everything necessary to Their fulfillment. You see?

“All by yourself” you don’t have anything to give. But if desire, if Love, is in you, they have everything in themselves that does! 

You have to abandon the assumption that you’ve got what it takes. You don’t. And you have to give your attention to that in you which does. And then you have to get out of the way, because it will be coming through, blessing your brother and blessing you as well. You cannot argue for lack and not experience it yourself. And you cannot argue for Love or desire on behalf of your Brother and not experience That yourself! 

So, in light of this, let’s take a look at these three conversations.


To: US Bank

March 9th, 2021

Dear Mr. _________,

Attached is the Deed of Trust. Also, you already have the only proof of liquidity (bank statements) there is, since USBank is the only bank the Foundation has ever had any bank accounts with.

In checking with the Foundation’s accountant regarding the Form 990s you requested, I was told that as a 501(c)(3) religious organization—a church—we are not required to file them, and therefore haven’t.

If you will provide me with an updated list of things you need in order to proceed, I will get them to you promptly.

Thank you very much.

Paul Tuttle

Northwest Foundation for “A Course in Miracles”
Executive Director


P.O. Box 1490
Kingston, WA 98346

March 11th, 2021

Question for you, is the church open at this point.  I went back into the churches bank statements for the last year plus, and saw significantly higher balances prior to the pandemic.  If the church isn’t currently open, we are going to have to wait until the church is open.  We have to have a source of repayment (income/tithes) and have much higher liquidity to be able to facilitate this request.

Please advise….

[Loan Officer

US Bank]


March 14th, 2021

To: US Bank

Dear Mr. _________,

Yes, the Foundation is still active. However, at this point the activity is  online. The fact is that many are experiencing rough times, or are practicing caution because of the political climate and the pandemic—just as are banks, schools, churches, and all forms of involvement. The way things are done are having to be reconfigured, creating new ways of “being together,” and fulfilling purpose. Adjustment is what you are seeing.

It must be remembered that the Foundation has always operated on the basis of gift, and not having activities or investments which generate income has not constituted an inability to secure and meet its obligations.

Do not forget that the Foundation owns two properties—the one on Vista Key Drive in Hansville, and the one on Cliffside Road in Kingston (which was financed by USBank and paid in full). These will provide more than adequate security to USBank for this new loan—their value amounting to more than three times the amount we are seeking.

Some other factors to take into consideration are that what has been an ongoing $5,000 monthly payment, made around the 19th of each month has, in the last three months, been reduced to $900 a month, and if the loan from USBank were increased by approximately $90,000 to pay off the other two financial obligations it has, the availability of another $2,000 a month would secure the USBank loan even more significantly.

The ebb and flow of the Foundation’s “cash flow” which you see in the bank’s records, reflect the fluctuation of its needs. If and when USBank makes the loan, the Foundation’s supporters will be advised of this increased need . . . and this is the way it has worked for everything over the past thirty years.

Please let me know if this provides you with the information and perspective you need in order to justify moving forward. The benefactor whose loan the Foundation is going to satisfy with this loan from USBank has given us until March 31st—17 days from today—to confirm that a loan has been approved and is in process in order to avoid foreclosure.

It is all about fulfillment . . . appearing as USBank needing business (and remaining viable), the Foundation needing to honor the gift of a temporary use of funds (and remaining viable), and our benefactor’s need to be kept whole . . . (and therefore viable). 

It is our hope that USBank will be part of this.


Paul Tuttle

Northwest Foundation for “A Course in Miracles”
Executive Director


There is an ongoing temptation for Paul to look at the present moment and misidentify it as “recovery from a health issue” instead of properly identifying it with letting go of a stubborn insistence upon his personal will being done instead of His Father’s Will being done, and awkwardly adjusting to the totality of what that means.

He is having to recognize and understand that it is the demand to wake up with more willing than willful intention—a time which is requiring of him greater sensitivity to his fellow man, even though he seems to be the one needing more nurturing attention . . . a time when a little vacation would be appreciated, a little vacation from the effort and discipline which is being required by all of this unsettling and is calling for reconfiguration . . . a time when nothing would feel better than being able to set it all down, the time when everything is dominating him instead of him dominating everything.

The temptation to misunderstand the dynamics of the unrutting he is experiencing, (sigh) is having to yield to clarity that properly identifies it as divine intervention interfering with his ability to function in the familiarity of habits which, if not released, will absolutely interfere with his Awakening.

This is a heavy-duty learning . . . only because of the intensity and commitment he brings to his trained allegiance to righteous principles instead of humble brotherly undefended and involved Brotherhood.

It is 6:40 a.m. and Paul has been listening to me since midnight . . . with dedication and willingness, but not without difficulty from time to time. We are letting go of dedication to structure—organizational type of structure—without replacing it. I mean by that, that there will be form to what we do, but it will not be a ritual. Current needs in the world are calling for new ways to do things. But we will be embracing the new “on the fly,” without capturing it.

Birds do not belong in cages, and life does not belong or thrive in patterns held in place so that people do not have to change. We have to change and flow with the movement of Life, and we have to remember that, for lack of better words, Life was made to live! “Can” is the operative word. And so one has to look for the “YES” in all things. You cannot continue to expect life to look to you for the “YES,” and there is a point in your Awakening where you can no longer seem to make it do so.

Right now, in order for Paul and Susan, Chris and Judy, to be in harmony with the Father’s Will—which really means to flow with Creation, fit into the Father’s plan, fulfill Purpose and promote graduation out of mortality . . . not just for themselves—they must say yes to the “can” which is the operative word no matter what the so-called operative “can’t” says otherwise. When the “can’t” argues against the “can,” one must not take the bait. One must Listen, Hear, and then if met by “can’t” must say again, “And what’s the next step,” over and over, staying in step with the “can” of Being . . . the “yes, you can” because the “no, you can’t” is lying.

Can you be too pretty, too good looking? Can a sunset be too spectacular? Is it really necessary for a hummingbird to have iridescent feathers, glistening as they do? Is that really necessary? Do you need a garage door that opens by remote control? For that matter, do you need a car? Aren’t your feet good enough for you?

Chris and Judy live in the Cliffside property. Paul and Susan live in the Vista Key property. Can’t they live together in one house? What does the Father say through the Holy Spirit, which is nothing more than your right mind? Does anyone need to hear what I have to say? Hasn’t Paul shared enough already?

All sorts of questions can be asked. A lot of shade can be thrown. Time and conscious awareness can be wasted in nonsense. But where it is not, there should be embrace. These two properties serve divine purpose, as do the four people living in them. And as for you, can you have too much fresh air, too much light, too much truth available to you, too many Brothers and Sisters, too infinite a Father, too ridiculously large a universe to live in?

We will not abandon making the Gift, nor will we hesitate to request your help—your participation in making the gift of what is valuable to your Brothers and Sisters. We will not suggest that you should keep a distance from each other and mind your own business, and not commingle with the wrong race or the wrong sex.  Brotherhood was created to work. Infinite manifestation is not accidental, but on purpose. Start saying “yes” to it. We are, and we will not stop. 

Thank you. We will not stop saying, “What is the next step?” endlessly. There is no such thing as no more steps, which means there will never be any such thing as no more answers. It means that existence is “Behold, I make all things new and there is no measure which can be applied to it. It is impossible for one to have too much of All. One cannot be too Whole! And mind you, this is not an excuse to be selfish. It is a matter of simply being what you Are: the holy Son of God, the conscious experience of Being, the visibility and tangibility of Spirit, Life, Truth, Love, Soul, Mind and Principle.


You can’t truly have anything if you don’t insure and see to it that everyone has it. Love only blesses when it embraces and connects because it is given.

Kingston, Washington
March  8th, 2021

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