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Random quote: . . .stand with them in their dark moment without confirming their dark moment to them. . . Raj, Thursday June 12, 2002
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TODAY:Time, Phone & Zoom Info; Proposed agenda for: 7-28-21 / 71st ACIM / Raj / Awakening / Together
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William Daniels
Posted 2021-07-28 5:25 PM (#247520)
Subject: TODAY:Time, Phone & Zoom Info; Proposed agenda for: 7-28-21 / 71st ACIM / Raj / Awakening / Together

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What is the point of this meeting?

We are following ACIM and Raj's guidance to accept Awakening, together      

     ......MEANING: The END of sin, sickness and death, for you and I and everyone.

     .......the biggest, most outrageous, most worthwhile desire/goal I've ever come across.

 Or: is it impossible .....and we shouldn't even bother?



YOU are invited!!!



PLEASE NOTE: If you participate, this is YOUR meeting, every bit as much as everyone else who participates! We want what YOU bring to EVERYONE'S Awakening!!!


7 / 28 / 2021      71st session ACIM/Raj/Awakening/Together video meeting







We sure would Love to have your participation!!!


I Love you,






Tonight: 7:00 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time) USA


Go online to:   Zoom.us ........super easy to get started.


Or:   Participate by phone (no video), call: 346-248-7799 or 669-900-9128.


Then:   Join the meeting:


     Meeting ID: 872 9311 4948


     PASSWORD: 334068





I propose that we study and act on this message from Raj ………









7 / 28 / 2021                                                                                                   RAJ


This house is for sale! We want to buy it! Will you help us? (Updated)




PAUL: So, here it is, listing day! The Foundation’s home is finally, actually, on the market for sale, and yet you have indicated that the title of this post is, "This house is for sale! We want to buy it! Will you help us?" I don’t understand. Will you provide us with some perspective as to what you are doing?


RAJ: I certainly will. What you are really asking is: Isn’t this counterproductive to or inconsistent with the steps I have previously shared? And the answer is, not at all, if one remembers the need.


So, let's be perfectly clear on what the need is: The need is to keep the donor whole who kept the Foundation whole-and-functioning during a transition twelve years ago, at which time he loaned the Foundation $500,000 to purchase, in full, a new home base, which would be repaid by selling the property which had been the Foundation's home for the previous10 years.


Before purchasing the new property, permission was secured from the Homeowners Association—where the new property was located—to hold weekly and monthly meetings. But after moving and resuming our activities, some of the residents began to object, and the Homeowners Association ultimately revoked permission for the Foundation to hold meetings in the new residence.


At that point, there was no further attempt to sell the original property, and yearly extensions were granted by the donor, relative to the payback of the original lien.


Then, last October, demand for repayment, by selling the original property, was made. And it was to be accomplished by a certain date that could not be met because, as most of you know, Paul went into the hospital and extended care, where he remained for two months until January 13.


During this period, further extensions were granted, each one clearly stating that by the last day of that extension, the house must be publicly listed for sale, and proof must be provided or foreclosure would begin.


I began almost immediately to inform everyone of the need, and have continued, without wavering. It may seem as though I have, because I clearly said that I need Paul and Susan where they are. I also need Chris and his wife to be where they are, in what has been and still is the Foundation's home base, and which has become not only an at-home workplace, but a continuing meeting space for gatherings, classes and other activities when gatherings of groups can resume.


Today the Foundation's home has been listed for sale and published on Zillow, which you can see by clicking here. And this has happened at my direction, in spite of what I have just said.




Because it is a principle which everyone must learn—one which is inseparable from the Atonement— that the need is for “the one who gives to be kept whole.” One must be willing to do unto others as he would have others do unto him. Today I will say it this way:

One must be willing to do for others what he would have others do for him.

That may appear to be a subtle difference, but it is profound, and it makes all the difference in the world, as you will see!


Henry David Thoreau said: "If I knew for a certainty that a man was coming to my house with the conscious design of doing me good, I should run for my life."


Just be with the idea for a moment.


To do good things to another is like using good manners. It’s a private thing. You do not have to know him at all! But to do something for someone requires you to be in touch with him . . . before you do anything!


Doing something for someone involves intimacy, while doing something to someone requires none at all. To do something for someone relieves him of having to do it. And there's the rub! The profound idolatry of the ethic of Independence says that such behavior is teaching him not to be self-responsible. It means he is being taught to be dependent. It means that the  strength of his individuality is being weakened. It means his initiative is being undermined, and therefore his ability to lead. And a world without leaders is like a people without vision. It perishes!


Is that what I am teaching? Is that what A Course in Miracles teaches? Is that what Christianity teaches?


"Thy will, not mine be done." "If you have seen me, you have seen the Father." "Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven, and all these things shall be added unto you." "It is the Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." "To have, give all to all."


What does all of this mean? It means there is something else for me to teach, and something else for everyone to learn, beside independence, self-sufficiency, authority, competency in your own right, earned respect, personal wealth and power. That which teaches these is arrogant pretense, and that is why it is not only accompanied by fear, it is generated by fear—fear that 66the dishonesty will be discovered.


I'm going to ask a question, and there is actually an answer to it: What is left in the “absence” called dependence, insufficiency, loss of authority, incompetency, no respectability, no accumulation of wealth, and powerlessness?


Unpretentious presence of Mind


That is what you have left when you "let that mind be in you, which is also in me". . . that which has no illusions about itself and no longer holds everyone else to those illusions, but recognizes the unpretentious presence of Mind in his brothers and sisters and automatically recognizes himself in them, and them in himself. This is intimacy. This is Brotherhood. And it is not the loss it appears to be.

It is the experience of safety without justification, "just because". . . just because you are looking with innocent eyes—another characteristic of the unpretentious presence of Mind. What is left is care instead of fear, care instead of self protection. And in the unpretentious presence of Mind, the gift of "doing for" comes forth spontaneously, because you understand each other, truly, instead of through learned and practiced behaviors arising out of looking into your brothers eyes and not remembering God, not knowing Who you Are and bouncing off of your "best" and personally-developed ignorances (definitions).


Christianity describes this as the Fall, as the divorce one gets from the Father by joining with a brother or sister in saying, "But Father, I'd rather do it myself." "But Father, I would rather give my own names to everything." And then doing it with each other at the expense of their anchor in Reality.


So, what is Paul learning? What is Susan learning? What are Chris and his wife learning? And what are you learning? Everyone is learning that the miracle of Awakening is moving everyone off of "the mortal basis of belief”(of personal definitions), and uniting everyone with the one Mind."


Everyone must learn that I am not here, and the Holy Spirit is not here to comfort you in "the mortal basis of belief," but to motivate everyone to look for and expect to find how Wholeness gives itself definition in the "unpretentious presence of Mind” instead of the idolatry of Independence. And then to stay with Us as the bucking bronco of arrogant pretense tries to re-engage you as you are purposely abandoning your faith in it.


As I began this post, I will end it: "This house is for sale! We want to buy it! And it can be "bought" for $527,000. Will you help us?"


It has been the Foundation's home for 22 years. It met the need, and it still meets the need, but it cannot meet the needs at the expense of the holder of the lien and remain the expression of Love and the demonstration of Brotherhood.

Kingston, Washington
July 27, 2021


For those who wish to make a contribution, you can do so via:

Paypal (or PayPal.me )

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 Or donate via our website

You can also mail your contribution to:


P.O. Box 1490

Kingston, WA 98346







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