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Random quote: "Say no to the inclination to react and say yes to what needs to be done." ~ Raj
- (Added by: amena)

TODAY:Time, Phone & Zoom Info; Proposed agenda for: 8-25-21 / 75th ACIM / Raj -Awaken -Together meet
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William Daniels
Posted 2021-08-25 12:37 PM (#248198)
Subject: TODAY:Time, Phone & Zoom Info; Proposed agenda for: 8-25-21 / 75th ACIM / Raj -Awaken -Together meet

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What is the point of this meeting?

We are following ACIM and Raj's guidance to accept Awakening, together      

     ......MEANING: The END of sin, sickness and death, for you and I and everyone.

     .......the biggest, most outrageous, most worthwhile desire/goal I've ever come across.

 Or: is it impossible .....and we shouldn't even bother?



YOU are invited!!!



PLEASE NOTE: If you participate, this is YOUR meeting, every bit as much as everyone else who participates! We want what YOU bring to EVERYONE'S Awakening!!!


8 / 25 / 2021      75th session ACIM/Raj/Awakening/Together video meeting







We sure would Love to have your participation!!!


I Love you,






Tonight: 7:00 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time) USA


Go online to:   Zoom.us ........super easy to get started.


Or:   Participate by phone (no video), call: 346-248-7799 or 669-900-9128.


Then:   Join the meeting:


     Meeting ID: 872 9311 4948


     PASSWORD: 334068




I propose that we study and act on these messages from Raj:









paultut Member

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4 hours ago · Edited


Conversation With Raj







PAUL: What are we talking about tonight? Do we need help or not? Maybe it’s not time yet . . . but it sure seems like it is.


Also, why do none of us feel that selling one or both houses and disrupting all of our lives is the proper solution to paying off the lien, even though you have indicated we will have to do it? I cannot remember a time when your guidance has been so completely disturbing of the status quo . . . other than our returning to the mainland from Kauai. And this is worse.


If doing this is appropriate, how can the experience of “trauma” or “dilemma” be replaced with inspiration, anticipation and welcoming curiosity? Where is the blessing for all concerned which all of us, including the donor, can rejoice about? Is it willful to hold out for that?


RAJ:  No, it is not.


PAUL: Well, it seems we are acquiescing to less than that, and doing it at your guidance. Please illuminate.


RAJ: Well, I will put it very simply: If you have a leaky drainpipe, you call a plumber to fix it, and until he arrives, you put a bucket underneath it to collect the water which would otherwise damage the surroundings.


The transfer value of this illustration is that the repayment of a lien was called for — a legitimate request — and when the request was received, you reached out to me, and together we let everyone know of the need.


Then, while waiting for the support to arrive which would have allowed for the graceful meeting of the need, the legitimate request clearly became a demand. Fear of failure of performance by the Foundation, in the mind of the lien holder, prompted him to apply stringent deadlines which current real estate conditions and a worldwide stressed economy caused by the pandemic, together with a two-month hospitalization for you, could not and still cannot accommodate without unnatural stress and major life adjustments for two families — packing, moving, and reestablishing normal functioning life activities which, in themselves, include the activities known as The Northwest Foundation for “A Course in Miracles.”


Nevertheless, the fear does not alter the need, which is the blessing for all concerned — not just the lien holder. And now, as long as there is the disturbance of fear added into the mix, it must be taken care of as well. 


This is the equivalent of there being a break in the drainpipe — the problem — which needs to be corrected, and the secondary issue of water accumulating in the area around the pipe which must now be attended to as well.


Careless thinking might “reasonably” conclude that using a bucket under the leak is an adequate solution, and therefore a plumber and his expense is not needed. At the other extreme one might even propose that considering the use of a bucket undermines the conscious intent for the total correction of the problem ……and the necessary metaphysical processes of healing — the integrity of clear, correct thinking — will be absent. But it is not true.


As long as there is fear present which, in itself, is calling for action to correct what is causing the fear, you do two things. You call for the correction of the problem — fully expecting it because it fulfills purpose for all concerned — and then, until the correction occurs, you take whatever practical steps are required to reduce the side effects of fear in the meantime.


The latter does not constitute faithlessness, nor is it “settling for less,” because you know it isn’t the solution. It is, however, what saves one from constantly cleaning up the mess and preserving the floor until the problem is corrected.


You get the point!


PAUL: I do.


RAJ: The best and only way to successfully deal with that which is obviously unfair and justifiably disturbing, is to choose for conscious grace instead of unconscious reaction. Always! Until all involved are opting for everyone being blessed, there will be unnecessary mess for those who don’t. You will all survive whatever happens, but you can all do it with grace . . . or otherwise . . . and without choosing to be graceful and humane, you will not only have to correct the problem, you will have to clean up your useless mess as well.


It serves no purpose for everyone to be uprooted and put through a major life change in order for one of you to be kept whole. That is not the Nature of the movement of Creation, and it is not condoned by anyone associated directly with the Foundation.


No one here is losing sight of the need to keep everyone Whole, and both houses will be sold, if necessary, in order to do so. One thing is certain: It will be done with grace.


Everyone reading this conversation is invited to be part of this extension of grace. The donor’s attorney has clearly stated that if the Foundation’s home is not sold by August 31st, foreclosure will begin. The home is on the market and everything is being done to sell it. But paying off the lien amounting to $527,000 is still the real need — not the sale of the property — and so I am keeping the attention focused on the need instead of the solution! 


Stay with me on this, because it has transfer value for the meeting of all need — especially in the world today where unreasonably overwhelming circumstances seem to confirm the mercilessness of the human condition and the impossibility of mercy being experienced, even though it has been revealed that the way Creation works is that “it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom,” and that it is by grace that your good is given you.


That is just too much of a “sudden shift of perception” to allow and embrace . . . and so you settle for and commit yourself to a solution which isn’t a solution, but simply sidetracks your attention from the avenue through which Creation will actually deliver it.


For example, if we were relocating to New Hampshire or Ireland, or somewhere else, we would need to sell the property in Washington, because it would no longer serve Purpose. But, in the actual situation, paying off the lien amounting to $527,000 is still the real need — not the sale of the property. We have, indeed, put the house up for sale — the “bucket” in the illustration — knowing that it is keeping things stable until the actual need of paying off the lien can be met.

Being solution-oriented has this pitfall: It invites consideration of many factors so it can settle for one. At that point, the chosen solution becomes the goal to be accomplished — i.e. the “need.” You see? And attention is withdrawn from everything else, even though the chosen one is not actually the only one.

Fear can cause a rollercoaster of thoughts and emotions, a swirl of disorientation and confusion which elicits old habits, old ways of doing things, fight or flight responses that become the preferred solution, simply because one is looking for solutions — relief — instead of a clear recognition of what the actual need is, separate and apart from prior experience.

In the absence of fear and confusion, 
we will keep in mind that we are not moving to New Hampshire or Ireland and therefore we do not need to sell the home — that is not the solution to the need. And we will keep this in mind because it is in this perspective that everyone is kept whole, whether it seems “too miracle-minded” or not!


We do not live in a time where less-than-miracle-mindedness is acceptable, practical, or workable. We are in the time which A Course in Miracles was delivered for. And it is time to demand of one’s feeble faith, not greater faith, but less doubt and conditioned arguments against what faith is for — the experience of the miracle.


Truth is really true. The Course is more than a psychological masterpiece. It’s a divine kick in the butt meant to move one out of his lethargy — his satisfaction with “the adequate” and his tolerance of the misery which is inseparable from always being inadequate, but Knowing better! It is simultaneously a Push and a Promise, a Pull and an Embrace, the Disturber of the Status Quo, and the evidence of the Father’s Love.


I am thanking everyone in advance, and updates on the meeting of the need will be provided at least once a day.


Kingston, Washington

August 23, 2021



For those who wish to make a contribution, you can do so via:


Paypal (or PayPal.me )

Zelle App (iOS, Android)


 Or donate via our website


You can also mail your contribution to:



P.O. Box 1490

Kingston, WA 98346






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william daniels Premium Member

2 minutes ago


"Stay with me on this, because it has transfer value for the meeting of all need---especially in the world today ...."

"And it is time to demand of one’s feeble faith, not greater faith, but less doubt and conditioned arguments against what faith is for — the experience of the miracle."

My own situation is involves illness in my family, and my fears and trauma about shortage of money and the potential need to move ....into poverty. And I care about "the world."

.....and just within the last hour I realized that it would be better to pay attention to God, than engaging the fears.

Getting this message, at this exact time is a very welcome miracle!

I Love you,








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Conversation With Raj







PAUL: Good morning, Raj.


RAJ: Good morning, Paul. Today presents interesting awareness, if one doesn’t think. Yesterday, I said we would provide an update to everyone every day. And so, here we are, and here is the update:


1.) There have been 7 contributions received, amounting to $445.00, which reduces the amount needed to pay off the lien to . . . 




2.) There is $619.63 in the Foundation’s bank account, from which daily needs continuingly need to be met.


What does this mean?


No, don’t try to answer! That’s not why I asked. I asked in order to illustrate what not to do, so that you might find out how fast your response is to a call for assessment, calculation, and conclusion without for a moment saying, “Yes, I wonder that too. What does it mean, Raj?” And then, before thinking a single thought, shutting up and Listening beyond your memory, your conditioning, your unconsciousness of “Behold, I make all things new!”


It is truly important to realize that neither I, the holy spirit nor God is waiting for your best ideas or concepts before engaging in the movement of Creation. It is a fact, however, that we wait for the moment — any moment — when you neglect to act out or perform the role of “creator,” getting in the way of your experiencing the gift of Wholeness which you are already being embraced by and fulfilled with.


What do the “facts” with which I began this conversation mean?




The love emerging and embracing you as need met — Wholeness not withheld — is the meaning of “your” Mind’s experience, which is the experience of God being all there is of you. And that will be the Meaning in every apparently successive moment in which you do not try to conform the “present” to the past of what seems like “a moment ago.”


If you don’t release the “now” from “a moment ago,” you won’t release yourself into the miracle. No sudden shift of perception will occur until you give permission. In actuality it will, of course, but you will unceremoniously and awkwardly bump into it because of your lack of attention — because you’re walking around in Reality with your eyes wide shut . . . missing It!


Assigning meaning to That which has not revealed Its Meaning to you, especially after you have silenced your human will, asked for help, and been guided to observe without preconceptions, will cause you to bias your perceptions by using memorized criteria for making judgments which the direct experience would render irrelevant and result in the miraculous. This is the flaw in listening in order to find results


If you don’t bring your attention to the place where Consciousness is the center and circumference of All-that-is, you end up bringing it to the place of All-that-wasn’t — the place where All that you haven’t seen yet, hasn’t been given the opportunity to be seen. That’s all!


So, what is the update? The update is that there is not, and never is, justification for forfeiting your blessing, no matter how unreasonably miracle-minded you think it is requiring you to be!


All of the “story” is still in place today — the dollars, the time factor, the lack of each. And so is the Truth: The legitimacy of Wholeness being uncovered, by grace which overrides the idle threat of penalty . . . because penalty is not God’s Will.


As each day succeeds to day, we will not use “what we see” as the means of coming to conclusions. The conclusion is the starting-point. That’s why it is a “journey without distance.” 


“In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God. And the Word was God.” 


And this is the definition of Man: “In the beginning is Consciousness. And Consciousness is in God — in the holy instant. And Consciousness is God . . . not a conclusion called “man,” in the mind of a thinker!


What we will observe will be the movement of God, not the movement of our mind, because He is not observing us and taking the lead from us. Never! And this is the way all healing occurs. This is the way it doesn’t elude us in whatever form we conclude that it cannot take form!


This is the Pull and Embrace of the teaching of the Course — the evidence of the Father’s Love. It is the Father saying, “Keep your eye on me — not on what I, in the Kingdom of Heaven , will do for separate little “you” down there in the human condition. The innocence of Consciousness reveals the innocence of You, right where thinking was distorting it.


This is not double-talk! I am not messing with your mind. The lens through which you observe governs what you see, even though it cannot change what is there. But until you disengage from justifying lack, sin, sickness and death, you will be resisting wholeness, innocence, health and life, constantly being at odds with Reality.


It is the way you add distance to the journey without distance, and the distance is nothing more than the dissonance of the mental stance you are taking.


To silence the mind is to stop utilizing thinking to accomplish things, and in the silence discovering that Mind is already revealing the ideas which embody the Meaning that Mind is giving Creation.


No matter how humongous the miracle needs to be, no matter what attributions of fault might be attached to it, the undoing of it, its correction, is ordained because it is an illusion. A misperception. It calls for a change in behavior in the use of the mind — the lens or mindset through which everything is observed.


Whatever arguments or judgments may  arise regarding meeting the needs at hand, be aware that they are governing the degree of abundance, innocence, health and life you will allow yourself. 


The lesson here is that whatever you condone for yourself, you naturally condone for your brother and freely extend to him — even standing up for his Wholeness, whatever it might be.


The Golden Rule says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The reverse is equally true. “Do not do unto others what you would not do unto yourself!” 


In other words, “Do not hold others to their poverty, lack, illness or guilt because you are — not will be — holding yourself right there, as well.” It cannot be otherwise, and it is not otherwise, no matter how you think you can justify the impossible.


I am teaching you what I am teaching Paul, Susan, Chris and Judy. This is the lab work of A Course in Miracles! It’s where the  transformation is, and therefore where the “work” of not working so hard is engaged in. “My will be done” is very hard work. “Thy will be done” is effortless being — not uninvolved, but stress-free and joy-filled. Another way of putting it is that independence is a defended position, and defense is wearing, debilitating, and kills the joy of being!


Enough of an update. More to come.



Kingston, Washington
August 25, 2021


For those who wish to make a contribution,
you can do so via:


Paypal (or PayPal.me )

Zelle App (iOS, Android)


 Or donate via our website


You can also mail your contribution to:



P.O. Box 1490

Kingston, WA 98346





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william daniels Premium Member

a few seconds ago

It has been looking to me like I have gotten my wife and myself into an impossible situation through my own  unrealistic ideas and dreams.

I have been spending time for about 40 years, writing and speaking on research I've done. But mostly I've received unexpected insights .....about the amazing opportunity that humanity is in the middle of, and mostly unaware of. I have been sharing it freely ....just like NWFFACIM.

I've also spent time and space collecting projects I'd like to do, "someday."

It has been looking to me like this has been a BIG failure on my part. I should have been "realistic," and spending my time making money.

I couldn't get to sleep last night because I was having ideas about how our own situation might work out.  It will be miraculous, because it's been looking impossible to me ....although I have had the experience of important things working out, totally unexpectedly. One time it happened the night before a due date / deadline, that I was completely unprepared for. Just recently, it happened in a chance meeting with a neighbor.

This situation with the Foundation parallels our own current situation / experience about as perfectly as possible.

What if God has a plan, that resolves everything and is a blessing for everyone?

I am attempting to stay open to this and to God.

Thank you Raj, Paul, Susan, Chris and Judy for the message and the support and this work, that is so inspirational to me.

I Love you, everyone,





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